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College Fact Book

Baltimore City Schools College Fact Book, by Rachel E. Durham, Rudy Ruiz and Faith Connolly, provides a detailed update through the class of 2015 as part of a series of reports about Baltimore City Schools graduates’ college access. For the first time, this report also provides high school level information about how many students applied to, and were accepted to college, as […]


College Opportunities and Success: Baltimore City Graduates through the Class of 2014

This report is the third in a series of reports describing Baltimore City Schools graduates enrolling in college the fall after graduation and how many of them went on to earn degrees after six years. Findings of the report include: The majority of City Schools’ graduates who enroll in college, enroll in local community colleges; […]


Ingenuity Program

The Ingenuity program was designed to “provide Baltimore’s brightest middle school students with a free, highly accelerated, and challenging mathematics and science curriculum” (Ingenuity Project, 2014). Begun in 1993 at two middle schools, one is located on the east side of the City and the second on the west. Currently it is offered at several middle […]