Baltimore Education Research Consortium

The Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC) is a partnership of the Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools), with any college or university in Maryland interested in partnering with Baltimore City Schools, and other civic and community partners.

What we Do

Education Research for the Benefit of Baltimore’s Children and Families

BERC was launched in 2006 as a partnership between Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Morgan State University (MSU), and the Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools).

BERC now works with any university in Maryland interested in partnering with Baltimore City Schools. The BERC partnership was co-conceptualized and launched with support from several Baltimore-based non-profit agencies. It is designed to be a constructive part of the efforts and public conversation surrounding the education of children in Baltimore.

Modeled loosely on the Consortium on Chicago School Research, BERC pursues both long- and short-term data analysis and research, and then directs time and resources to sharing and interpreting the findings with school system leaders and other community partners and stakeholders. 

Recent Publications

Student Mobility and Violent Crime Exposure at Baltimore City Public Elementary Schools

High levels of school mobility are a problem in many urban districts. Many of these same districts are also dealing with high rates of violent crime. In this study… read more

Baltimore College Fact Book

Baltimore College Fact Book: Data Digest of College Access Outcomes, by Rachel E. Durham, Zyrashae Smith and Curt Cronister, provides a detailed update through the class of 2018 as part of a series of reports about Baltimore City Schools graduates’ transition to… read more

Thinking About School Quality

Previous work around school quality has typically identified schools that are “beating the odds.”  Such an approach finds “outlier schools” by analyzing student outcomes, and studies these schools to determine what they appear to be doing well… read more

Thinking about Useful School Metrics: Comparing ‘Like’ Schools

In this new school quality brief, Baltimore City Schools researchers, Christopher Wohn, M.D. and Liepa Boberiene, Ph.D. share a new method to compare schools that are similar by student characteristics (i.e., the percent economically disadvantaged, and students receiving services for disabilities and learning English). There are many other risk factors that can be associated with outcomes such as… read more

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