A Library They Deserve, by Steven Sheldon, Marcia H. Davis, and Faith Connolly is the first of a series of reports for The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation examining The Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project (Library Project). This report on the first year of the project examines the experiences of principals and librarians at the three schools that received new libraries. Also, teachers’ and students’ perceptions of their school library were compared across the Library Project and comparison schools. Findings of the report include:1. All three schools with a new library viewed them as inviting, attractive, and well-resourced spaces; 2. A knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated library staff is essential to maximizing the potential of these new libraries; 3. Librarians and teachers need additional professional development to best integrate the library technology into instruction; and 4. Community partnerships initiated through this project are adding significant resources to the education of students in these schools. The implications for the school district and future efforts are discussed.  Read the full report.