Baltimore OrchKids: An Examination of Student Outcomes describes an analysis exploring the relationship between participation in OrchKids’ out-of-school-time programming and several student measures. Using a quasi-experimental design, the research examined participants’ attendance, mobility, suspensions, and state assessment scores.

Highlighted findings of this report include:

  • Participants joining the program in preK through 4th grade, and persisting in the program for more than one year, had higher average daily attendance, lower chronic absence, and were less likely to receive a suspension from school, relative to similar comparison students.
  • OrchKids participants joining the program between 5th and 8th grade and persisting for at least 2 years had higher average daily attendance than comparison students, though chronic absence rates were similar.
  • There was a significant relationship between OrchKids participation and performance on state assessments in both English/language arts and math, as well:
    • Relative to comparison students, those who participated in OrchKids for at least 5 years were significantly more likely than comparison students to score proficient or advanced on the MSA English/language arts and math assessments, as well as to meet or exceed expectations on the PARCC English/language arts assessment.
    • Participants who joined OrchKids in elementary school and participated for 2 to 4 years were significantly more likely to score proficient or advanced on the MSA math assessment.

Read the full report here to learn more.