Internal City Schools Board

The City Schools Leadership Team is chaired by the City Schools chief achievement and accountability officer, BERC’s executive director, and other City Schools Leaders. It focuses on topics decided jointly by City Schools leadership. Specifically, BERC research co-directors, faculty and City Schools staff from offices such as Engagement, Schools, Whole Child Services and Support, Human Capital, New Initiatives, Career and College Readiness, and others are invited to meetings as relevant to particular projects to discuss insights gained from research underway. Here, researchers have the opportunity to disseminate research findings through conversation and describe what is known and discuss how the district can develop action plans that build on the findings. The group will identify what is not understood and define next steps for the research. Serving as thought partners and content experts, BERC faculty will listen to questions and concerns directly from district leaders to ensure that proposed research projects align with the district’s needs and that recommendations from work are implemented.


Marc L. Stein (PhD, Leadership and Policy Studies, Vanderbilt University) currently serves as BERC’s interim executive director and is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Stein has conducted quasi-experimental and mixed-methods research on school choice that has investigated the instructional conditions of charter public schools, parent involvement in charter public schools, and the effect of choice on student sorting by race and academic achievement. Other areas of research interest include neighborhood and school effects on student academic achievement, chronic absenteeism, and summer learning loss. Currently Stein is working on an Institute of Education Sciences (IES) funded randomized control trial that is investigating the efficacy of a ninth grade Early Warning Indicator intervention in sample of high schools in a southern state, projects investigating summer learning loss in Baltimore City and a project investigating the relationship between commuting to school using public transportation and student tardiness and absenteeism.

Theresa D. Jones (B.S., American University, MBA, Duke University; M. Ed., Broad Center for the Management of School Systems) is the Chief Achievement and Accountability Officer at Baltimore City Schools.   She previously served as Director of Effectiveness and School Evaluation and Accountability, overseeing implementation of new evaluation tools for staff and schools and the use of data to inform professional development and school improvement. Before joining City Schools, she led teacher and principal evaluation work for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Jones received a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the Broad Center for the Management of School Systems and holds an MBA from Duke University and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from American University.