Graduates-HuggingPartnering with City Schools and the Open Society Institute-Baltimore, BERC is working with high school leadership teams to identify research questions and interest areas identified by the participating high schools but will address the following three thematic areas.

Opportunities for heterogeneous student interventions and outcomes

  • Data analysis and results will be examined by subgroups by race, ethnicity, gender SES, receipt of spec education services etc., as well as academic performance

Connection of students with postsecondary options, starting as freshmen

  • Opportunities to visit college campuses
  • School culture aligned with postsecondary opportunities
  • Realistic understanding and expectation of value and difficulty of postsecondary options
  • Students complete college going behaviors, take PSAT, SAT complete realistic course plans aligned with career interests and understand educational need for career
  • Number of work permits given, employment of students

Acceleration Opportunities

  • Flexible schedules to support working students
  • Credit recovery opportunities, evening, summer, weekends
  • Being on-track or if fall behind opportunities to accelerate and be back with original cohort
  • Opportunities for students to take college courses and  earn college credit before graduation.